Special Boxes

This is where you will hear about all those limited special boxes that some subscription companies will do. Some of the companies that do these would be Fairyloot, Illumicrate and Faecrate.

Some up coming boxes include and will show in here once I’ve received them.

Fairyloot – Blood and Honey
Illumicrate – A Darker Shade Of Magic

Specials might not even be a full box and might only be just a single book or series reprint.

Illumicrate have managed to get a reprint of the UK original Nevernever night series. They also managed to get printed matching squeal to Aurora Rising series. Fairyloot manage to get the Dehavabad series reprinted with original sprayed edges.

Owlcrate have jumped on board with the matching covers as they also do exclusive cover changed when it comes to their books. Sometimes this might be a slight colour change. Sometimes this might be a complete overhaul. They did this with the Wicked Saints series and created a matching Ruthless Gods copy.