Book Boxes

Welcome to one of my favourite pages. This is where I will tell you about all the book boxes that I have, unfortunately for my partner, been trying and testing to help you find the best.

I will be including boxes from all around the world. USA, UK, Germany, Canada, just to name a few. I will be including prices of the boxes in the currency that they are from, on their main page.

Here are a few of the boxes that I have been recently getting. I will be constantly adding to this list so please check back in here every couple of months. There will be some that, for the near future, I will not be changing. The regular boxes that I will get every month are below.

Some of the boxes I may get every once in a while, if the theme seems interesting, are listed below. This would be in my Single Boxes section.

Another thing I will be looking at including, is a section for “Special” boxes. These could be exclusive boxes with just a book, or it could be a box based around a fandom. These boxes will always be separate from subscriptions and will have to be paid separately as a one off payment.

Special Boxes

You can view all the boxes through their relevant sections or by clicking on the one that your interested in above.